Noisy fans on iPC

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We have had our iPC a couple of years now. The console is great - BUT - the fans on both PSU and CPU are really anoying.

Is there any PSU that is passive cooled, or that have a fan that not sounds so much, that works with iPC.

Also, the CPU fan is really anoying. Any suggestion on a fan that is small enough to fit in iPC.


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    The iPC's power supply has a relatively high power output for its size. You're unlikely to find a passively cooled supply that footprint.

    Fans get louder as they age. Perhaps you can find something that works for you from your local PC supply house. Your dealer can provide you the HES service parts if you'd like the official replacement.
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    Has anyone ever tried applying a watercooled system in alighting desk like iPC? Even if this voids warranty I might consider it if at all possible!
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    For what purpose?
    The CPU fan isn't the noisiest one on an IPC, it is usually the power supply fan, as it is closer to the exterior of the case.
    I don't know that I have ever seen a water cooled power supply..
    And of course, I have never seen a water cooling system that could be turned upside down and not leak.
    Of course, its your desk, and if it is out of warranty, and you don't mind the possible water damage,
    Go for it!
    Take pictures, I would be curious to see how it worked out.
    Good Luck! :18:
    Joshua Wood
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    2nd'ed. I think that a water cooling system would have to have years of testing before I put it anywhere near my console or one in my care. I wouldnt want to be financialy responsible for any damage. I think this idea of heat sink and the ''shape'' of the product works well as we have seen with fixtures and consoles. The smart MAC and the WHIII as two examples.
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    WATER BAD!!!:fgd:

    Just keep your fans clean, and replace them if they get old....they aren't all that loud when new and clean!
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    You can change the fans to Pabst fans. The are not so noisy.
    Or but not for warranty, Get a passive cooled power supply and put it next to or in the back of the case, because it will not fit.
    All the best Roman

    btw: the noise comes from the ipc housing itself. Pull the power supply out and check the noise :eek:
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    Thnx for responses all,
    Been having a look at Papst fans, might be a great idea to swap my iPC fan for one of these. Can you tell me which size, Roman, it looks like a 40 mm from the outside, can't find the specs anywhere. Could open up the case offcourse, but maybe you can spare me that until changeover. Have you really modded an iPC with a passively cooled outside power supply?
    Greetings, Joris

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  • RomanRoman Registered User
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    the fans are 40 x 40 x 20 mm
    you need 2 of them
    I have put in ebmpapst 412.

    About the ipc modding: I'm currently checking things. I'll let you know when I got it.

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