Programming showPix through RDM ?

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Hi all,

If Echo software and Showpix communicate via RDM, was Showpix programmed to understand "standard" RDM messages?
To give an example, can I change the dmx address of a showpix with the Jump-Start from Artistic Licence? The Jump-Start or any RDM configuration devices...




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    Yes, the SHOWPIX and StudioPix use standard RDM. You should be able to use any RDM controller to configure it.
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    In developing the RDM code in the PIX fixtures I did a fair amount of testing with other RDM devices and Controllers that are out there. As Eric said it should work fine with any other RDM controller for changing the DMX Address or any of the other basic RDM functions.

    Of course if you run into any issues with it with other RDM controllers, please let us know!
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