Installing Version 3 not working on Hog3

atracadoratracador Registered User
Hi there!

I'm looking for someone to please help me with this big problem. I was trying to update my hog3 to the newer software version and I did it via the software update button on the startup panel. Then after it restarts shows me on the left screen that the software is version 3.0.0.. but I have 3 major problems now:
1. Firs of all, I have no touchscreens, and when I look up in the system info, it shows me no software version for touchscreens.
2. Then the physical keys around the screens are not working eather...
3. The most important issue... I have no DP !!! I'm using a DP2000 but it looks like there is a comunication problem between them... I cannot see the DP on the console's network.. and the DP keeps looking for the server... Also the LED's on the DP shows some activity on the transmit LED but there's none on the recieve LED.

Plese someone help me! I have a huge show in a few days and I need my console working...

Also I'll like to know if there is a way to revert what I did.. and leave my console just the way it was with my older version.

Thank you!

Alvaro Fuentes
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  • Michael_GrahamMichael_Graham Registered User, Super Moderator, HES Staff
    edited December 2008

    To upgrade to v3.0.0 b2417 you must use the ISO.
    To ugrade using the ISO hold down 'enter' when you power on the desk.
    A screen will appear, select 'Full Install' and hit enter.

    Please keep in mind this will delete all show files on the desk.
  • atracadoratracador Registered User
    edited December 2008
    Well I did what you told me and it looked like if it were being installed, but I have a new problem now....
    I leave it installing for over half hour and nothing happends now... both screens are displaying the Hog3 logo in blue, but nothing more... it stops reading the CD and its like frozen.
    What could it be? any ideas?

    Thank you again
  • Michael_GrahamMichael_Graham Registered User, Super Moderator, HES Staff
    edited December 2008

    Sounds like the disk my not have been burned correctly.
    When you bruned the disk did you select burn an .ISO file?
    I would try bruning a new disk and again do a FULL INSTALL from the menu that appears when you hold down enter on power up.
  • jaguinacjaguinac Registered User
    edited December 2008
    Hi Michael,

    I thought that too, and I burn 3 different discs following the instructions to make a .ISO file now.. but it keep showing the blue logos..
    Every time I select the full install, but nothing seems to happen.. it waits a couple of seconds and then restarts but then it freezes again.

  • d.pendletond.pendleton Registered User
    edited December 2008
    slap the cd into a computer.. check what's on it.. you should have a whole host of files and folders... not just the single ISO file..
    (the disk contents should be about 240mb)
    263 files, 447 folders

    I had trouble getting the desk to read the disk too... i had to chose upgrade, then re-boot the console, then re-install from scratch.. - but was fine in the end...

    Also, What version is the BIOS on the console reading? Should bre reading Sept2003.. (i think!)
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