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AndreasAndreas Registered User
Hello everyone,

having a question regarding the color calibration feature, which is an awsome handy thing that really speeds up programming. Although I miss this feature to some fixture especially Mac 250 wash, Mac 700 wash and none of Robe's fixtures (I often work with the 250 wash and 700 spot + wash) are calibrated.

Just wonder if more fixturefiles are due to get uppdated with this feature?

Thanks and keep up with the good work and keep on hogin' :notworthy:

/ A


  • bradpepebradpepe Registered User, HES Alumni
    edited December 2008

    Thanks for your comments. While it is true that calibration has not occurred for some time, we are just about to begin calibration once again. In the next few months we should begin to provide some library updates with calibrated fixtures.

    thanks for your patience,
  • AndreasAndreas Registered User
    edited December 2008

    Lookin' forward.
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