Hog3PC v2.6 issues with Wholehog III Connectivity v2.2.1 b1775

adunawayadunaway Registered User
Is anyone having issues with Hog3PC 2.6 (v2071) and Wholehog III Connectivity 221 (b1775) in ESP Vision (v2.2 and v 2.3)? I have checked for a newer version of the Connectivity app.

I get a message in Hog3PC on Machine #1 to upgrade "visualizer" build 2.4.0 (b2051) and at same time get message from the Connectivity DP session on Machine #2 stating: Wrong Software Ver - wait for cmd".

When I push the upgrade through from H3PC the Status changes from "Connecting" to "Disconnected" then nothing - Connectivity app hangs, H3PC does not prompt again to upgrade the "visualizer" or see it again if I search via Network>>Software Update.

I am using seperate User Numbers for H3PC and Connectivity app and have ensured this is not a firewall issue since I can join H3PC show from Machine 2 (Viz machine) to Machine 1 (Hog3PC machine). Further am able to connect to ESP Vision on Machine 2 from Machine 1 running grandMA OnPC v5910.

Is anyone else having similar issues?

Thanks in advance for any responses.


  • adunawayadunaway Registered User
    edited November 2008
    I seem to have stumbled upon the solution. If the older 2.2.1 visualizer connectivity application is installed on the H3PC and ESP machines (which happens to be the application still listed on the HES H3PC software download page) the H3PC v2.6 (b2071) installer does not list the newer version now included in the installer. So after removing 2.2.1 from both machines and reinstalling v2.6 (b2071) on both machines with the newer visualizer all is working fine.
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