Hog3 PC and Coemar I-Spot 575 EB automatic Lamp-on

Yoel TYoel T Registered User
I have 6 Coemar I-Spot 575 EB's that are being controlled from a Hog3 PC. Every time I run the Hog3 software the I-Spot 575's Lamp-on. And I have 1 I-Spot 575 MB that doesn't Lamp-on, so that leads me to believe its only a problem with the "EB's". None of my other fixtures lamp-on when this happens, only the I-Spot 575 EB's. And I've made sure that the lamp settings on the fixtures are set to "strike" and not "on". Also, the color and gobo wheels don't seem to line up correctly when called up on, unless I manually go in and select them. This fells like a fixture library issue. Does anybody have a suggestion, or experienced what I'm going through.
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  • Marty PostmaMarty Postma Registered User
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    Are you running your fixtures all in the same DMX mode? Your EB fixtures might be running a different mode from your MB fixtures, and that could cause the problems you are describing.

    Hope this helps:)
  • Yoel TYoel T Registered User
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    Marty, thanks for the quick reply. I wasn't aware that there were different modes on the 575's. Tried looking through the manual but couldn't find where to change it. They're all on the same universe, but I'm sure that has nothing to do with the problem. Could there be a library update that I'm not aware of?
  • Marty PostmaMarty Postma Registered User
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    Looking at a very old iSpot manual.....try going to MODE and see what your options are....looks like there are 20 channel and a 21 channel modes
  • Marty PostmaMarty Postma Registered User
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    OK...well upon futher investigation I discovered a few things....(not the least of which is COEMAR's site is a royal pain in the ass to get information off of! :angryfire: :chairshot: )

    There are apparently 3 versions of the iSpot 575 and 2 fixture profiles for Hog-3.

    The original iSpot 575 only runs on 20 channels - use the iSpot 575 profile for these.

    The iSpot 575 MB + EB both run on 22 channels with only marginal difference in functionality - use the iSpot 575 EB profile for these.

    What profiles are you using?
  • Yoel TYoel T Registered User
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    Yea, I know what you mean. I just noticed that little detail on there site. So here's what I got. I have 6 iSpot 575 EB running on the "iSpot 575 EB" profile, and that's this one:
    And I have 1 iSpot 575 MB running on the "iSpot 575" profile, and thats this one:
    So it looks that they are correct and are on the right profile. Maybe there is a missing profile! Also, neither of them have options to change modes.
  • Marty PostmaMarty Postma Registered User
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    No....the "MB" and the "EB" have nearly identical DMX protocols so they should both be run off the "iSpot 575 EB" profile.

    The "iSpot 575" profile should only be used with the MUCH older fixtures that do not have the "MB" or "EB" moniker attached.

    If your "MB" fixture is running OK off the "iSpot 575" profile, then it probably is not true MB model type....it is the older one.....at least in theory based on the documentation from Coemar.
  • Yoel TYoel T Registered User
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    Your right on the "iSpot 575" profile being run on the older fixtures. The funny thing is that that fixture says MB on the out side, but that's the one that's running fine. So it must be the old model. But I'm still having the lamp-on issue with the EB's the minuet they receive DMX from the Hog3. I had been using the Hog2 software some time back and never had this issue. So im sure its something on the Hog3 console
  • Marty PostmaMarty Postma Registered User
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    OK....so I figured out why your units are stiking automatically....the lamp control is set to default at DMX value 255.....which is Strike according to the DMX chart.

    I can see this in the DMX output window.....channel 22 is at 255 by default in the "iSpot 575 EB" profile

    You should post a link to this thread in the Library section of the forum so Steve can fix the profile.

    Also you can see the DMX values for your Colour and Gobo slots in the DMX output window....if you take note of the correct values, then Steve should also be able to include those in the profile.....they look correct though according to the DMX chart from Coemar.
  • SteveSteve Registered User, HES Staff
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    With regards the auto lamping on issue, after looking at the latest protocol there appears to be a priority issue with the control channel. The control channel as well as having the lamp functions also has ranges for zoom lens selection/control. As the zoom lens control has a higher priority over lamp controls this DMX value is being asserted as the default. It also just so happens that the lens mode we have as default is also the same DMX range as lamp on, which is why the lamp strikes as soon as you start the HOG PC software app.

    However, our current library doesn't accurately match the latest protocol with regards zoom lens and focus control (channel 9). So we may be able to fix this issue within the library. Can you tell me what effect exactly is 'Iris Focus' refered to on channel 9?

    With regards the colour and gobo wheels not lining up correctly. I have double checked the protocol and can confirm that the ranges we are using for each colour and gobo slot appear to be correct. However, it may be a case that the protocol doesn't accurately reflect what the fixture is actually doing. If you have some time, I would greatly appreciate it if you could detail the DMX value (viewable from the DMX output window) that accurately crresponds with the mid point of each slot.


  • Yoel TYoel T Registered User
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    Sorry for the delay guys. Big thanks for all your help. Its really confusing but this is what it got. The Iris Focus Lense is inserted in to the beam when the iris channel is set to above 9 and no gobo is selected. The Zoom control doesn't do anything and the focus works perfectly. However, you can adjust the Zoom lense by going in to "Mode" and selecting between Normal, Narrow and Wide lense (also, Normal and Wide are flipped). But if you try going to Beam/Zoom, you get nothing.
    I tried finding the correct DMX Colour and Gobo percentage. Let me know if it makes sence. I just manually brought up the correct colour and gobo and put down what it said. So it didnt just show percentage, it showed the Colour number then the percentage it is from the default percentage.

    Colour Wheel 1:
    colour 1: 29%
    colour 2: 9%
    colour 3: -13%
    colour 4: -34%
    colour 5: 43%
    colour 6: 24%
    I foud the same exact percentage's for Colour Wheel 2.

    Gobo Wheel 1
    Gobo 1: 37%
    Gobo 2: 19%
    Gobo 3: 4%
    Gobo 4: -13%
    Gobo 5: -29%
    Gobo 6: -45%
    The same for Gobo Wheel 2
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