MTC together with MSC

barney broomerbarney broomer Registered User
Hi list,

Doe anybody face some problems with a MSC command together with incoming timecode? The MSC command is been used to give the first go at the beginning of audio,and give the LTC/MTC converter time to lock in on LTC. Somehow the Hog behaves strange (giving random cues in other pages) and we don't face these problems when we first give MSC command, followed by a MTC string, but then 2 seconds later. When we start them both at the same time, it is trouble.:nono:

Cheers, Barney Broomer


  • cmuenchowcmuenchow Registered User, Administrator, HES Staff
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    Do you have Midi timecode and Midi Show Control piping through the same cable or are you using midi input for Midi Show Control and LTC input for timecode?
  • jabadgerjabadger Registered User
    edited July 2008
    As a general rule, I wouldn't shoot MSC and MTC down the same input into the console. MTC is so noisy with its commands that the chance for a MSC misfire is pretty sure. I tried it once and saw it went crazy (on this and other consoles).
  • barney broomerbarney broomer Registered User
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    Yes, I pipe the MSC and MTC trough the same pipe. I wonder how the Hog 3 will handle incoming timecode ,will it be re-generated? Maybe that will cause the problem at the beginning. And how will the LTC widget handle timecode? Will it communicate directly or transfer it also to MTC? Maybe LTC (with widget) will work better in combination with MSC. But again, when MTC is running, the MSC commands are no problem. It is just at the beginning when if fire MSC and MTC together.
  • jabadgerjabadger Registered User
    edited July 2008
    If you use LTC you'll probably be golden. It's not converting it to MTC.
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