Hog 2 PC

mick@TBTSmick@TBTS Registered User
I was looking to see if anyone has had problems running hog 2 pc on Vista.


  • Marty PostmaMarty Postma Registered User
    edited June 2008
    Ran fine the last time I used H2PC on Vista.
  • engrdanengrdan Registered User
    edited June 2008
    use it all the time and just finished a show. any specific problems?
  • quinnquinn Registered User
    edited June 2008
    most of my 2PC corner case uses gain significant benefit from Windows Vista, some of them actually require it.

    i've had 2PC and Vista paired since the early betas in 2004, and i've never found anything to be Vista's fault.
  • Ivan OcasioIvan Ocasio Registered User
    edited July 2008

    I Just Bought my widget two weeks ago and so far had ran 5 show since a got it and no problem so far, but I let you know as soon I have any problem. :headbang:
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