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ambi40ambi40 Registered User
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ok guys it's been a while for me on this forum However i have a question regarding a coemar prospot 250 lx. as soon as i power up the unit it blows the fuse on the main power in. what can be causing this and how can i fix it? Thanks And stay cool.



  • prmuchaprmucha Registered User
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    What is the fuse rated for? Are you putting too much voltage (or too little) though the fixture? If the fixture has multiple voltage capabilities, it still may need to be fused properly.
  • ambi40ambi40 Registered User
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    It has a 4 am fast blow on the main board power in that's what the schem has listed, also they are 120 fixtures that's what i am powered into .i beleive that it may have burned out the voltage rectifier. But i am not sure.what do you think? Ambie
  • joe_hallerjoe_haller Registered User, HES Staff
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    it sounds like you may have a short somewhere. If my memory serves, (its been a while), that fixture has a big old transformer controlling the AC input. A short there or in the main PCB could cause this.

    We do not make this fixture, I would recommend contacting ICD in FLorida.

  • Socal_QSocal_Q Registered User
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    Another possible cause of a blown fuse is that you might be pulling too much power.

    As an example my neighbor likes to use light strands around christmas time to line his fence and tries to fit it all into one plug, it is about 200' long and obviously it doesn't last more than 5 in before he has to put in a whole new pair of fuses. If this is your first time in this venue a possible solution might be a higher rated breaker, however if you've used this setup before it is most likely a short and you would need a licenced technician to repair you fixture.
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