DL2/3 reliability

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So I just had 2 DL2s out of 7 do the 'video strobe' mentioned in an earlier thread. One of them did that yesterday during a show, and being a part of a 3x2 collage it wasn't pretty. It started to strobe layer 2 while I was only using layer 1. I thought it was a Z pos issue, but that wasn't it. Rebooting the server worked for a minute and it started up again! After a few reboots it then just displayed the video that was supposed to go to the LCD display. Finally I remember Marty mentioned something about switching the LCD from preview to Off via the CMA and it solved the issue, but not without the client freaking out during the show.
The first DL2 that had that problem ended up being taken apart to check for properly seated VIVO, DVI, etc, etc connectors. Now I gotta say I was horrified to see what I did when I opened the top box, a PC crammed in there bristling with all kinds of USB and video connectors just waiting to come loose during transit!
For such a technologically advanced piece of gear that is meant for the fairly abusive rental market this was a shock to see just how fragile it all is inside.
One DL2 server had no screws holding the motherboard down (two were just sitting loose in the case), one VIVO was very loose and had to be siliconed in place, another had a USB connector halfway out.
I hope in the future these things are designed with more robust connections and components, it is all too easy for a little thing like a loose DVI plug to ruin a whole show.


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    Hey Andris,

    Glad you fixed the stobe issue just by turning off the "Preview" mode of the LCD
    .....as for reliability.....
    I have found that as long as some nitwit hasn't made any "modifications" to the wiring harness that there are very few problems with these units....the one problem I have run into on very rare occasions is the VIVO connector can wiggle loose, and this mostly only happens on the Generation-1 fixtures (LX-50 w/ P4HT) b/c the newer ones have their connectors "tweaked" a bit at the factory so they sit tighter. I've never had an issue with the USBs or anything else though even when taking the fixtures on tour and riding them in a trailer behind the bus:D

    All that being said...sometimes a bit of silicon spoodge goes a long way with any computer based device when used correctly;)
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