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I know that the internal parts of the axon have evolved over time as pc parts become available or die off. Im wondering when it would make sense to try and upgrade an early model, if a particular software release may start to be too much for them, or the sudden availability of more resolutions and higher res files might make them start to choke.

Is there a rule of thumb on when to upgrade them, or a list of what the possible upgrades are, i.e. what processors, video cards, motherboards, hard disks, etc are supported or when each type was used?


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    Here is the history of AXON/DL.2 computers as I know it....

    1st version:
    Pentium 4 HT processor
    ATI X850 video card
    80 GB - Seagate HDD

    2nd version
    changed to ATI X1900 video card

    3rd version
    Core 2 Duo processor
    ATI x1950 video card or a few ATI x1900
    320 GB - Seagate HDD (also added better seek + retrieve times b/c of enhanced "platter management")

    Current AXON/DL./DL.3 version
    Core 2 Duo processor
    ATI HD2900 video card
    320 GB - Seagate HDD
    Decklink SDI capture card (DL.3 & AXON only)

    So basically there has been:

    (1)processor/motherboard change
    (1)HDD change
    (3) video card changes

    The biggest upgrades are in the processor/motherboard and the HDD...the last 3 video cards are basically the same in terms of performance right now.

    Hope this helps:)
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    Thanks Marty, thats what i was looking for.

    Do we know what motherboards were/are used, and would these upgrades have to go back to the factory?
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    To upgrade these really need to come back to the factory. There are only very specific motherboards/video cards supported since the drivers have to be built into the XPE O/S by us.

    Best place to start is by identifying what you have. Check the motherboard. Is it the green Intel mobo or the current Asus motherboard?
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