Thomas Pixelpar and Intensity channel??

skierskier Registered User
Hi everyone, not sure if I'm being dumb and missing the point here.

Thomas Pixels pars in 4 channel mode.

Channel 1 - Red
Channel 2 - Green
Channel 3 - Blue
Channel 4 - Global INTENSITY

With the 4 channel definition, channel 4 is permantly output as full and the desk deals with intensity by changing the values on channels 1-3.

Also if i want to use the intesity for effect and select Intensity in the effects editor, channel 4 stays at full and again chanels 1-3 change. What is the point of a fixture having an intensity channel when it's stuck at full! You may as well just use the 3 channel definition and turn the 4th channel off on the fixture.

Any thoughts? Does this definition need changing??



  • tedcooktedcook Registered User
    edited June 2008
    A few thoughts:

    1) are you sure the lights are set up in 4 channel mode (I assume yes)

    2) are you sure you're using the 4 channel fixture profile (I assume yes)

    3) It looks like this profile will work either as a 3 channel RGB intensity control or 1 channel master intensity + colour. If you want to use 1 channel master intensity, be sure to pick you colour using either CMY or HS (and not using the intensity wheels for RGB).
  • Innovative IlluminationsInnovative Illuminations Registered User
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    Sounds like you're having the same issue I had with chuavet 200B LED Pars. Steve had to reverse the DMX protocol on the INT channel for the fixture in the consoles library in order for me to operate it "correctly". Get in touch with him to see if he can create a new profile for you.
  • skierskier Registered User
    edited June 2008
    Thanks for the replys!

    Yes It seems wrong to me, even if I use CMY or HS the designated intensity channel is stuck at full and there appears no way of controlling it.

    Why can't we have a simple rgb definition that you can control the rgb parameters of a fixture with out having this iRed, iGreen and iBlue stuff. seems it's over complicating things here!
  • tedcooktedcook Registered User
    edited June 2008
    when you say "stuck at full", are you referring to the intensity channel on the console, or the actual intensity of the fixture regardless of what the console says?
  • skierskier Registered User
    edited June 2008
    Monitoring the actual dmx values the console is outputing.
  • tedcooktedcook Registered User
    edited June 2008
    Ahh, I now see what you are saying. Yes, it looks like even though the fixture has a master intensity channel, the library profile completely ignores it and chooses to handle intensity as an abstraction layer. So the console is actually doing the dimming and not the fixture itself.

    You might as well save the DMX channels and use the 3 channel profile instead.
  • skierskier Registered User
    edited June 2008
    We got there in the end!!

    I would really like a profile that does what the fixture is designed to do!

    I have just been playing with the fixture builder and managed to make my own simple RGB + Int but am not sure if I am going to have to mess around merging it into my show everytime I want to use it.

    Thanks for your help!
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