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maybe someone can bring me up to speed on the SDI capture card upgrade that's now available.
I can't get the link to work in the axon support section.

I know some of what SDI can do but if someone with more info than me could explain what this upgrade will enable me to do would be great.

since i'm here what are the other dispaly resolutions now available in ver 1.4 for axon?

Thanks and kind regards C


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    I fixed the link for the SDI card instructions. SDI allows you to send a digital signal over a single coax. We accept SDI in for capturing a signal the same way we do with the s-video signal. It makes it easier for us to accept a capture input from the video guys now.

    The display resolutions available are based on the capabilities of the video card in your specific Axon and the display device that is connected to the card. Axon will detect what the supported display resolutions are and then allow you to select from those.

  • cormacjackcormacjack Registered User, DL Beta
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    Thank you Scott,

    Can i ask another related question.
    In my setup i use a DVI splitter at the axon so i can run a preview monitor and run another output from the DVi splitter to the projector/screen/device,if this is detected as the display device will i only ever get the output dispaly option of that device or will the axon get confused if i have two display devices with different resolutions or is it still related to the graphics card as you have said.

    Sorry to ask such a rambling question,

    Again thanks for the quick reply and these new features.
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    It all depends on the DVI splitter. The video card will just see whatever the DVI splitter tells it.

    Depending on the splitter, it might have the fix list that it supports or it also might pass the information back from whatever display devices it detects connected to it.

    This is a very handy inline box that solves most all those kinds of issues:
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