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I am starting to program a tour involving spot and wash movers, and lekos and pars. Unfortunalty I will not be touring a lighting rig, and will be getting whatever kind of automation that the locals can provide.We will be bringing an iPC with us to four different countries.

I am hoping that someone could advise a good setup to minimize reprogramming the entire show in each city. We have spec'd Mac2ks and studio colours or VL2500 spot and washes, but I expect that we will run into more than that :dunno:.

Please help! :confused:


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    Since you are running Hog iPC, if you run it in Hog 3PC mode then you can just program your show with the fixtures you have spec'd and use the change type funciton as you encounter different fixture types. I know of many people who use this funciton for the same reason as you and it works great. Section 14.1.3 of the User Manual describes the feature in detail.
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    Hello Justin,

    I've done a lot what you are about to do. Here are some tips wich can make it easier (I hope, it worked for me...):44..

    For conventionals:
    Name all your deskchannels in the patch, this makes it easier to patch it everyday. For example:
    Deskchannel 1 to 10 - Blinder
    Deskchannel 11 to 16 - Front White
    Deskchannel 17 to 24 - Back Blue
    Deskchannel 25 - Top Drums
    No when you patch your dimmers, your pallettes and playback will always be the same and contain the right lights. Even if you have 14 channels of blinders on some show, you can just patch 4 deskchannels on 2 adresses.ot if you only have 6, patch 6. So your palette 'Blind All' will always be all the blinders, the same for the playback where the blinders are under.

    For Movers:
    Programm your colours with CMY, when changing fixtures I noticed the colors are more accurate then when working with HSI.
    Gobo's are the most work, as every lamp has different gobo's and these mostly don't copy that well. Working with only 4 or 5 gobo's will make your life a lot easier.
    If you have more movers then what you programmed, use 'Replicate Fixtures' don't just add them.

    Hope this helps, and good luck!

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    Thanks for the quick reply. I do run in 3 mode, and will stick with CMY. As for the gobos, I've used the change type function once, and that is indeed the biggest problem. I didn't notice replicate fixtures before. That would have made life easier the last fixture-du-jour show I did.....

    I was thinking of pre-adding a list of potential fixtures into the show, and then referencing the default gobo beam pallets to custom beam pallets that I will program into the cues. Is this a dumb idea and too much extra work for no gain? Or will it potentially save time on load in days where everything is messed up?

    Thanks again!

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