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I am new to Wholehog, I have just purchased a Roadhog and am getting on with it really well. Iv got a question and would appreciate any suggestions.

I am using a Jem 24/7 hazer most of the time. What is the best way to trigger the haze machine without using up a playback fader. Im guess on the touch screen?

I am hoping there is a way to keep the fan channel running on the hazer all the time and just trigger the smoke output?

As I said, I would love any suggestions as to how you find the best way to do it.




  • ryanwilkinsonryanwilkinson Registered User
    edited April 2008
    It is possible! You can park your fan channel (if it is a seperate fixture like a deak channel). You can create a cuelist in the 'list' window and trigger it from there. If it is an all in one fixture profile, you can just make 2 cues; one with fog on and fan on and one with fog off and fan on. That will keep it running. For help with using virtual masters, look in the hog 3 manual under 'playback with a virtual master'.

  • PimmerPacKPimmerPacK Registered User
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    You can set the fan at the desired percentage and then 'park' it. Now it'll keep running, and does not cost you a playback. Also 'Pig' + 'Release' will not shut it off.
    You can set the smoke under a fader or make it a virtual master and toggle it on the touchscreen. If you want a certain percentage of haze all the time, you can also park the smoke-channel.

    Hope this helps.
  • Ozzy1Ozzy1 Registered User
    edited April 2008
    Ah, ok thats great! Thanks for you help guys

  • AndyPAndyP Registered User
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    You could use the highlight key to trigger the smoke/haze channel - quite a nice way of doing it I think (as long as you want the smoke channel to full)
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