Best thing for cleaning units I've found

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SCRUBBING BUBBLES! Hands down the best cleaner for moving lights and consoles I have ever found.

Wont remove paint
Wont remove silk screened words on consoles!!!
Disolves skin marks on surfaces.
Cleans fader tops all the way down to the little white marks.
Cleans the outsides and insides of all fixture shells like crazy! (and leaves them smelling fresh!)
Smoke, gunk, it all goes away.

Tracspots and technobeams that are filthy.
1. Remove the guts. Using a brush and air clean and set aside.
2. Once removed, cover the pan/tilt motor wires.
3. Spray the entire fixture inside and out in a sink with scrubbing bubbles. Give it 5 min to soak in. Apply hot water from the spigot or spray hose.
4. Without getting water on the mirror motors or wires wash the units out.
5. Clean the mirror areas by hand. Towell dry the entire shell.
6. Carefully go back to the guts you set aside and clean the fan, the dicros and gobos. (this is the only way to get at a technobeam fan, its gotta be gutted.)
7. Re-assemble and test unit.

You will freak at the amount of nicotene and crud that will turn brown and go down the drain. You now have a clean unit that dosent stink and have a dull yellow look to it. It even smells nice! Works great on those front covers too. Even the decals look new.:D

I use this method all the time. My clents go nuts when I return the units looking fresh and new. I started this years ago when I had a bunch of units out with the 'Insane Clown Possy'. Even 25' in the air FAGO cola was everywhere everynight.:eek:

The factory crew might wanna add a few do's and dont's.:feedback:
This method also works on Cybers and I-beams.


  • Marty PostmaMarty Postma Registered User
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    Agreed..90% of your probelms can be solved by keeping the gear CLEAN!

    Gotta try scrubbing bubbles...:33:

    The best thing I've found for lenses, mirrors, dichros, etc. is the ROSCO dichroic/lens cleaner and a good lens cloth from your local pro-photo shop.

    After you've gotten the funk out, you'll be amazed what this stuff does for your light output!
  • SBlairSBlair Registered User, HES Alumni
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    I would avoid using scrubbing bubbles with optics and lenses though as it may remove/damage the AR (Anti-Reflective) coatings.
  • PuffyfishPuffyfish Registered User
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    True that! Its not for optics!! Never ever!:nono:
    Well, there is one exception. It involves a sink and hot water for bar units with removeable lenses. Mostly cheap Martin stuff.:aiwebs_007:

    For mass club cleanings it's not beyond me to use a dishwasher (not kidding) to clean dicro wheels and non rotating gobo wheels, shells of technobeams, tracspots, and other gutted units. I once cleaned 40 Cybers and 20 tracspots at a carwash. (NO guts in em) We set up a line to take em apart clean and repair, paint, then re-assembly. When I'm done it all looks clean and new.:banana: The patrons are dancin and its all clean and bright. When you have 3 days a lot of units and a small crew, ya gotta improvise and overcome. True story. (the labrats are cringing... I can tell.):eek: lol...
  • lightbrightlightbright Registered User
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    What do you clean your mirrors, gobos and lenses with?
  • TimMillerTimMiller Registered User
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    I clean the optics with 50-90% isopropyl alcohol. I use softscrub to clean metal housings. I also use it to polish the reflectors. Makes the nice and shiny.
  • Marty PostmaMarty Postma Registered User
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    What do you clean your mirrors, gobos and lenses with?

    Rosco lens and dichroic cleaner and a good microfiber lens cloth...nothing better for optics:)
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