Pig + @ (Unpatching in view by DP) BUG

brandon_cbrandon_c Registered User
Version 2.3.1 it seems that the [pig] + [@] shortcut to unpatch does not work. Not just the shortcut but also the [Unpatch @] button.

More precisely, it does work for a fixture with user number 1 that is patched to dmx 1. However, it does not work with fixtures with other user numbers (where it is patched is irrelevant).

An example for further convincing:

Let us patch 10 VL3500 Spots.

VL3500S 1 > 10 @ 1

Now we have successfully patched 10 fixtures. Note that our user numbers are 1 thru 10.

Now we shall unpatch fixture 3.

[pig] 3 [@] 3

This did not unpatch the fixture.

Next try to unpatch fixture 1.

[pig] 1 [@] 1

Fixture 1 is unpatched.




  • FxDrewFxDrew Registered User
    edited January 2008
    Gotta say... love the "q.e.d." at the end.... been a while since I had to do mathematical proofs...
  • cmuenchowcmuenchow Registered User, Administrator, HES Staff
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    The reason it works with with [pig] 1 [@] 1 and not [pig] 3 [@] 3 in this case is because the Hog unpatches by dmx address and not by fixture number. In fact, you don't even need the fixture number.

    Hold [pig] and press @, release both buttons, and then type a dmx address or range of dmx addresses.
  • brandon_cbrandon_c Registered User
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    Perhaps you may want to change how the manual is worded. Currently it reads:

    "Pig + @: When patching with View by DP enabled, unpatches the selected fixture."

    Thus, my confusion.

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