tips on how people would program this scenario.

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I have a show coming up which is a 5 date awards ceremony, the thing i need peoples ideas on are as follows.

When each person receives an award it is announced on stage, just before the announcement all house lights will drop to 30% and i need to highlight the award winning table with 2 or more macs for approx 5 seconds then do a sting with the rest of the moving lights.

I have done this in various ways the past years i have done the show but this year we have a road hog as opposed to the previous years running on a hog 1k.

There is a couple of ways i have thought of doing this, i will use 2 masters one containing various stings stacked ontop of each other and the other having all table numbers stacked in numerical order with intensity of the relevant movers programmed in. with the table master set to cue only i would load the relevant table when its called ( there will be a producer cueing up myself and followspots) by having the master selected and using GOTO## ENTER (with the table fader down) wait for announcement, bring house lights down and bring up the table fader, hold it for a couple of seconds then hit play on the sting master with the fader at full.
Only a few things doing this which im sure could be figured out which are the easiest way to involve the macs which lit the table into the sting, would this be acheivable by setting a priority on the sting master?? the other is the easiest way to subtly release the sting master?? can i set a stop command any how between the different stings ie play on the sting fader goes and play stops loading up the next sting in the stack?? or would you set flash and release??

The other way i thought is to build all the table positions into virtual masters spread across the whole page with a whole load of stings on the same page for quick access, my only question with that is where would i record the intensity as i need to have the fixtures already loaded onto the table position when the intensity is brought to full perhaps a marccue on a virtual master?? ( also is there a way of spreading 2 pages of virtual masters across the two screens on the road hog?)

I appreciate ill have to redo all preset focus on the table betwen venues but hopefully can reuse the stings
i would like to hear how others would attack a similar scenario and which way would be the quickest and easiest to operate??

hope this all makes sense

Thanks in advance



  • nunnynunny Registered User
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    Any takers??
  • ChrisTallChrisTall Registered User, DL Beta
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    Newbie question, what's a "sting".

    I'm guessing I know what it is, but just not by that name.

  • nunnynunny Registered User
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    A sting as ive been taught is for example after the award is announced a "sting" of music is played whilst the awardee collects the award to which the lights need to enhance this ie all open white doing a med speed chase around the room with possible strobe
  • ChrisTallChrisTall Registered User, DL Beta
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    Ahhh, got it.

    Just for discussion sake, and being a newbie, I guess I would try the following:

    List 1:
    a single cue
    all the movers programmed for the sting look
    (including the ones that would be used for the award tables)

    List 2:
    Cue 1 for table 1 (only the 2-3 movers needed in this cue)
    Cue 2 for table 2 (only the 2-3 different movers needed in this cue)
    and so on.
    Set this cuelists Priority to be higher than List 1 so that List 1 doesn't affect them.

    Release List 2 when done, and use another List to put the movers back to whatever else they do between awards (using the principle of LTP).

    I suppose after writing this is seems about the same as what you do now?

  • MarkScottMarkScott Registered User
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    You can split the cuelist (or any) window and have one on both touchscreens. On the Hog 3 there are the buttons along the top of the right hand touchscreen that control window appearance but I am not familiar with Road Hogs.

    Alternatively you could use Scenes for your Stinger and Lists for your table specials. If you do use virtual lists for the tables just make each list with a preset cue and then the intensity cue. Set your lists to Reset On Release and they will always be ready to go again.

  • nunnynunny Registered User
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    Sorry Mark

    Could you elaborate on the setup of the virtual; masters.

    Is what your saying to have a position cue and then a second intensity cue??

  • MarkScottMarkScott Registered User
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    Yeah thats what I mean,

    Cue 1- Position preset (also color and beam if you need it)
    Cue 2- Intensity to Full
    Cue 3- Intensity to 00
    Cue 4- blank cue with comment macro to release list

    This way your specials will fade in and out smoothly without any "live moves"
    Also, like I said, set the list to reset on release so it is ready if you need it again.

  • nunnynunny Registered User
    edited January 2008
    Thanks sounds like a good way to do it.
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