Techno beam error ID LOST

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Hi, Im new to this forum (Didnt see an intro thread)
Recently had a problem with one of the technobeams on our rig, for some reason, the protocol on the fixture was set to Full Protocol:( , where it should be set to Reduced protocol (no Iris, LAD)
The fixture then failed to home itself, which made it impossible to set it back to the reduced protocol. Anyway, after fiddling around a bit, I got the ID LOST message. How do I go about this problem....any help pleaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaase:1zhelp: :1zhelp:


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    Yup! Chris is correct. Once they go duh, they need to be reprogrammed at the factory. Its kinda like Alzheimer's for prom chips.
  • u1bosu1bos Registered User
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    Thanks for the replies guys.
    I've already tried crossloading, but the problem persisted, as well as 2 other technos which now gives me the same error message. Fortuantely I can still control these two.
    The first one however, isnt very happy.
    Problem is that Im in Uganda. I'll be going to South Africa the end of this month and see if our supplier in Johannesburg could sort it out.
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