X-spot tilt motor

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I have an x-spot in which the tilt encoder has failed. The display shows that its value is 4000 and it stays there no matter what. I have already tried replacing the 3 phase board, hoping it was someting wrong with it. The motor functions fine, but when it goes to tilt, the head goes flying down and then begins to try tilting more. The only way i have figured out how to get that motor out is to drill out the pop rivets which i find to be rediculous. Also can the encoder me replaced seprately from the motor?


  • Woodj32177Woodj32177 Registered User
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    you don't need to drill anything to remove the motor,
    Remove the lamp, leaving the lamp base unscrewed from the head,
    Remove all the modules,
    remove both fan plates,
    on one side there are 2 screws that hold the reflector assy in place,
    remove these, and slide the whole reflector assy out of the way.
    you then should be able to remove the Motor, and replace the encoder,
    Make sure you get the adhesive disk when you order the encoder.

    If Something doesn't make sense let me know,
    it actually isn't too bad to get the motor out.
    Good Luck!
    Joshua Wood
  • TimMillerTimMiller Registered User
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    I thought i got all the screws out that i could to get to it. I'll look again, thanks.
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