Notes Out - at HOG II PC

i need the "notes out" function for HOG IIPC for backup reasons between HOG iPC and real HOG II or HOGII PC...

this is a very urgent feature for me..

thanks for your help.


  • bradpepebradpepe Registered User, HES Alumni
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    I understand that you say it is a "very urgent matter', but unfortunately the Hog 2PC application does not support Notes Out. If you are using Hog 2PC and have console or another Hog 2PC as a backup then you can use MSC for backup purposes.

    MIDI Notes in Hog 2 are designed to be used for redundant backup of programming actions. All keypresses and touchscreen events are sent via Notes to the other console and mimicked. This is why it is not possible to send Notes out from Hog 2PC (the structure of the system does not know "button presses" as a console does).

    However you can send MSC out to backup playback events to another controller. This is used all the time and will properly track two consoles playing back the same show file or a different show file with similar cueing structures.

    We have no plans at this time to implement MIDI Notes out for Hog 2PC.

  • LOOP LIGHTLOOP LIGHT Registered User
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    Hi Brad,

    sure im using MSC, but like you explained i was trying to push each button.

    thanks anyway i well see that i can program this by myself...

    thanks Matt
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