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I'm sure this has been posted before but I cannot seem to find anything on it.

I just got some 8 year old Cyber SVs and Studio Color 575. The came out of a mall store and have been sitting collecting dust...and I mean a lot of in shake the fixture and clumps fall to the floor kinda dust.

I've cleaned up the outsides and now moved on the the inside. But how and what do I use to clean the optics. I'm speaking of the gobos, color mix wheels, short, everything. I thought I'd start with some low volume compressed air like they use on computers. But then do I need to take the entire module apart? Can I just remove various lenses (some look glued/siliconed in place). Or can they be cleaned in place with a long swab. Remember...they're filthy. Also what do I use ... alcohol ... Windex ... amonia ... soap and water.



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    Well first thing get you a can of Scrubbing Bubbles:D ( I prefer lemon). This will do the cases and leave them smelling good. If you can find a clear glass cleaner (not blue:nono: ) this will do the optics. Do not remove the lenses from the brackets!! Remove the entire modules holding the gobos. Use long Allen wrenches and magnetize the ends. Mark all connections!!
    Remove the top section holding the fans over the lamp area. It's 4 screws, 2 in the back and 2 on the inner bulkhead wall between the lamp area and the color dicros. The entire chunk comes off and you will have full access to the fans and lamp area. Get rid of the computer air. Use an air compressor @ 60 lbs of pressure to blow out the lamp area. (no water spitting allowed!!):eek: The bottom ought to be full of crap. Get a round parts brush to assist getting in the fan blades. Clean them well but do not allow the fans to spin!!! A spinning DC fan emits current back to the board!:nono: If disconnected blow the hell out of them! Dont blow air on the boards! Small parts can be blown right off! If you have CMY full color Cybers remove the module as a whole to clean. Now repeat cuz you left a lot of smear on the glass.:p

    For Studio colors; Clear glass cleaner as always. 4 screws hold in the entire head. Remove screws, undo com connections and the entire head now comes away from the fixture. Clean dicros carefully! Support them from the bottom and use tounge depressers and paper towels wraped around them soaked in cleaner. Remove the side covers to gain access.
    Check the orange belts for fraying. Be careful in what you touch and how you touch it. Dicros cost serious $. I can do a SCOL in 30 min and it be factory clean and smelling good!
    Download a manual and read it well!:rtfm: You will be glad you did.

    Be careful and take your time. If you get lost call Chris @ HES,:phone: he is bored and has nothing better to do.:rolleyes: ;)
    Ill add more later I got to run.
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    edited December 2007 for clarity. Pull out the module as a whole. Leave the module assembled and clean the lenses from the side as opposed to trying to disassemble the wheels to get at them. Is that correct?
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    Personally, For Studio Colors,
    I prefer to disassemble the module to clean them, as it also gives me a good chance to check the motors while the module is apart...
    As well as clean both sides of the heat filter and the reflector..
    And check the Heat shield (I have had to replace alot of these in the last year)
    but that is my preference, I don't really think it takes much more time...
    Of course if you reassemble them incorrectly, it takes alot more time...
    And I think I get them much cleaner this way.

    Good Luck!
    Joshua Wood
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    Either way. It depends on how good are your skills.:D
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    i use 90% isopropyl alchohol mixed with 50% distilled water to clean the glass. DO NOT USE RUBBING ALCHOHOL!!! because it has oils in it. ALSO DO NOT USE ANY PRODUCTS WITH AMMONIA in them. Because not only does it harm the dichoic coating but it also cooks on when it heats up. Also like puffy fish said, ditch the canned air and hit it with an air compressor. Cybers are really good at collecting dust in them. I also do not recommend cleaning them in your house, i'd do it outside or in your shop, as long as it is well ventalated.
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    Unless your Superman I suggest you get a resperator to wear. Every bug known to man can be in the dust and you can get very sick from it.:eek:

    I have gotten many the URI from cleaning fixtures till I got smart. I would lose weeks of money every year. No longer.
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    very true. I got real sick after cleaning out some cybers from a movie theatre
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