ZombieTransformers from Hell! Technical Nightmare

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Well it seems some dastardly evil engineer in china has slipped some really evil transformers into a few Technobeams.
You will be having a grand time at you console only to have a t-bird go down.:aargh4: You take it to your shop and plug it in. It works! Only to die 2 hours later. :eek: Thermal breaker on the board right! Wrong! The thermal breaker would have shut down the unit long before that.
So you search... and search... every connection. Still,... it happens. After hours you really feel like a dumbass.:dunce:
Dont feel bad, its not your fault. An evil bastard has done this to you.:finger:
In his wisdom of knowing his product was a piece of shit he designed in a thermal beaker that would reset when it got warm! Transformers dont do that! They either work or burn a wire and die. It's always been that way.
But this SOB decides to write in his own rules and gives tech's fits.:chairshot:
The bad units smell when they get warm, the odor of evaporated gasoline to make varnish is clearly present once the unit gets up to operating temp.
The units have a yellow wrap and are made by HIGH TECH DEVICES. High tech my ass in my opinion. Damn evil rule breaking asshole is more in order.:hitwithrock:
Not all are bad but if you have the particular events happening that I did, it's one of the evil ones. Chuck it in the trash.
A curse on the man that did this! It's wrong from concept.
Anyone finding this POS, please put you foot up his ass. Ill pay for the new boot.:soapbox:

Special thanks to Chris @ HES and Don Pugh@lightparts.com for helping me figure this out!:D :D :D


  • PuffyfishPuffyfish Registered User
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    In china this morning they executed their head of the FDA for allowing really bad products to be exported.
    I wonder what they do to electrical engineers who screw up...:fgd:

    Over 60 reads, not one comment. The PC factor must be high here.:D
    I calls'em like I sees'em.;)
  • Innovative IlluminationsInnovative Illuminations Registered User
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    You called it right Frank!

    Just lost one today at a show....Over the audience! (Who saw it smoking I might add)

    Had to grab a lift to pull it down ASAP!
  • PuffyfishPuffyfish Registered User
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    Ditto I got another one! Same as you. Overhead at a show. Lots of smoke. Client bout crapped her pants.
    A curse on this buttwipe who did this.:finger:
  • PuffyfishPuffyfish Registered User
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    FOUND ANOTHER ONE!!! Damn! But then I go thru 10 t-birds a month.
    Still........... My boot wants revenge and shall not be denied!:aargh4: :twak: :buttkick: :hitwithrock:
  • muvmentmuvment Registered User
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    Are these on the new Strong Technobeams, or the HES ones? Whats the manufacturing date? In other words, what should I avoid when buying more used t-beams?
  • PuffyfishPuffyfish Registered User
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    Newer supply is fine. No worries. I just found a few buggy ones in an older supply.:D
  • muvmentmuvment Registered User
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    do you know of any year designation. I'll be buying some more t-beams next month... probably from ebay. What should i look for to avoid random pyrotechnics at my shows?
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