I need help for a Spot 250.

HemisphereHemisphere Registered User
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I'm have no experience in lighting. I have two Spot 250 conected to a Leviton Innovaor lighting console, and I have 3 dimmers when I conected my lycos, par and fresnel lights (actually function). In my console I can assign and view the functions of my Spot 250, and I can modifie it, but... nothing (phisicaly) happend with the automated device, no pan move, no gobo move, no lamp on... What I'm doing wrong. ¡Please help me!:confused:


  • mikewoodldmikewoodld Registered User
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    well, first of all, you do have DMX running to each fixture, correct?

    after that, it could be a patching problem.
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