Very bad crash!!!!

racefaceraceface Registered User
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Date: 26.10.2007
Software Version and build number: V2.2.1 (1775)
Number of displays: 2
Networked Devices: 1 DP2000

Today I had a very bad crash of the desk, just 10 minutes ago.

The whole desk crashed, all screens ran black an just a cross for the mouse cursor was visible. Everything in the programmer and of the playbackmasters is running, but the desk takes no inputs, nor from the programmer, nor from the playback section.

The main problem of this is, the show is running, and I can't restart the desk. So the only chance is to let the running cues run :-(

I think my client is very pissed at the moment. :angryfire:
But what shell I do now? :dunno: If I restart the desk, the whole venue will be dark for restarting time. :aargh4:



  • cmuenchowcmuenchow Registered User, Administrator, HES Staff
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    Try doing a pig+open+backspace and right clicking on the desktop process and click on restart. This should restart the desktop, which is probably what crashes, and only cause the look onstage to go black for a brief second or two. When you get time I would love to hear more about how this crash came about and possibly get you upgraded to 2.2.2 b1809 software.
  • racefaceraceface Registered User
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    After pressing pig+open+backspace nothing happens, the process manager doesn't open. Nothing happens, the screens keep black.

    This crash happend while changing the wait-time in a cue-list.

    I wanted to update the desk this week, but hadn't the time to update.

    Maybe I will have the time next week.



    P.S.: The only working solution was, to pull out the power-plug and wait till the battery is empty, to switch of the desk.
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