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Hello every one

I have a problem with the DL2's display
I can't have access to the menu
the button don't work to access in menu

Could you help me



  • Mike HansonMike Hanson Registered User, HES Alumni
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    Can you see information or anything on the Display? if not you should open up the side panel with the LCD display and make sure the Video in/Video out (VIVO) connector is seated properly. This is the one right next to the DVI connector. There is an RCA connectors coming out of that VIVO connector make sure it is plugged into the RCA going out of the VIVO and going to the LCD panel. If it is just the buttons not working, did you get a USB ERROR? Check the panel next two the LDC display. There is a USB from that board to the computer, make sure all connectors are seated properly on that board. Can you find this DL.2 on the CMA network? Does the it output content from the Projector?
  • gwcwc3pogwcwc3po Registered User
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    I got this problem once, If you're connected via Dmx Unplug it normaly you will gain acces to the menu!
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