(1809)Bug Report: Update not working as expacted

RomanRoman Registered User
Name: Roman Kuntner
Date: 23.10.2007
Software Version and build number: V2.2.2 b1809 IPC
Number of displays:2
Connected USB Devices:Super Widged
Networked Devices:none
Detailed description of the problem including instructions to reproduce (if possible) and exact syntax used:

Have Patched 1008 RGB Leds 14 Cuelists with about 10 cues each.
If I correct Colorinformation on the leds in a active cue without blind (seeing the correct output on stage) after pressing update the information is not updated to all fixtures. I realized that merging information into existing cues may work in the most cases. (not all times but most).

I also realized a time lag between the two superwidgets. Try to build a effect running on dmx line 4 and 5. Looks perfect on stage but after recording it to a cue and playing back there is a seeable "offset" between the to lines

List any errors reported by the software:

Best regards Roman


  • cmuenchowcmuenchow Registered User, Administrator, HES Staff
    edited October 2007
    Hey Roman,

    Thanks for the report. Just to be clear, you only updating a cue, right? Not trying to update a palette at the same time? Are you working in CMY or HS or both?

    I am baffled by the fact that an effect would look fine in the programmer but not when recorded into a cue. If you change the fade time to 0s on that cue does the "visible offset" go away?
  • RomanRoman Registered User
    edited October 2007
    Dear Chris,
    thanks for your fast relpy,
    I'm only working with CMY no HSI
    Yes to your first question I'm only updating a cue with a different color information.
    To your second question, yes to offset goes away. Very confusing:confused:

    Hope this helps.
  • cmuenchowcmuenchow Registered User, Administrator, HES Staff
    edited October 2007
    I will have to setup this kind of test situation here in Austin and see what I can dig up. The first problem is probably logged already in some fashion but that second problem sounds like an engine problem that might need some investigation. I will keep you updated.
  • RomanRoman Registered User
    edited October 2007
    Thanks Chris,
    if you want I can send you the showfile.

    Cheers Roman
  • cmuenchowcmuenchow Registered User, Administrator, HES Staff
    edited October 2007
    Hey Roman.

    We have started to reproduce your first issue here in the lab and can the see problems when updating colour values in large RGB LED cues. This actually looks like a problem that starts with grabbing fixtures from stage and touching them and changing their values. This is primarily a mutexing problem that has probably been around for a while. More concerning is a problem we're seeing with unwanted offsets (fanning) being thrown into a large selection of fixtures when changing their values using the encoder wheels. We are working on logging a defect for this and I will post our results in this thread.

    After reproducing and speaking with development about the second issue you reported, test has learned that this bug is incredibly difficult to overcome because of the lack of DP syncronization in the system. Since go messages being sent throughout the system reach one DP slightly before the other, what's happening with your playback is that the OBs are calculating these large fades just slightly out sync with one another which results in a slight offset in output. This becomes more obvious with large quantities of fixtures, especially when running effects on RGB LEDs. This kind of programming exposes a limitation of the current system; one that will more than likely have to be overcome with hardware in the future. This is probably not what anyone wants to hear but it is an honest assessment of how our desk currently performs. Wholehog users can rest assured that looking forward we are acknoledging the challenges that large, individually controlled LED rigs bring to lighting desks and working on software and hardware improvements that make these kinds of shows easier to control.
  • RomanRoman Registered User
    edited October 2007
    Okay Chris, that means that I have to live with it like it is.
    But it's good to hear that you and your guys were able to repro my problems.

    BTW: Showguns arrived I'm very impressed:147:

    If you need any further information you can contact me any time.

    Thanks Roman
  • jxgriffijxgriffi Registered User, DL Beta, Hog Beta
    edited October 2007

    Not to throw a wrench into your show, but would there be any chance of doing a pixelmad type setup since you have over 1000 LED's? It would definitely help the console deal with that large rig.

    Just curious more than anything...I seem to be falling into the same realm occasionally. More than about 100 LED's, I end up using some type of pixel system to relieve the load.

  • RomanRoman Registered User
    edited October 2007
    Jon we thought about that, when planing the show but it ended up that a console would be better. And it is.
    I hope to get out pics of the show next week. Show is tomorow morning live on TV.

    Cheers Roman
  • jxgriffijxgriffi Registered User, DL Beta, Hog Beta
    edited October 2007
    I figured it was something that you looked at, but I wanted to throw it out there just in case...

    Looking forward to the pictures.
  • RomanRoman Registered User
    edited October 2007
    I posted a pic right now. Keyword "Kiddy"
    It's only taken with the cam of my mobile.

    P.S.: Yes these lights are Showguns

    They ROCK

  • RomanRoman Registered User
    edited November 2007
    Maybe somebody is intressed in seeing pics of this event.

    Goto www dot leman dot at ->

    "Fotogalerie" ->

    Kiddy Contest 2007

    enjoy it Roman

    2 Showguns
    over 1000 Led fixtures
    20 X-Spot
    20 STudio Spot 575
    20 Studio Color 575
    50 Varyled 384
    50 Ayrton Easycolor2
    20 Robe Colorspot 1200
    2 H3
    2 IPC
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