(b.1809) Bug Report: Adding Printers

HillbillyHillbilly Registered User
V2.2.2 b1809
1 - Hog III
1 - DP 2000

Issue - Open the contol panel and open the printer window. Click on Add Printer. Once the Add Printer window opens, close the window using PIG+ BACKSPACE. This will crash the desktop and take out the process window. You have to pull the power cable and wait for the battery to die to restart the desk.

When the add printer window is open, you cannot close it using the close hard button. You are supposed to cancel out of that window to properly shut it down. Using the shortcut keystroke is what kills it. This is 100% repeatable.


  • jabadgerjabadger Registered User
    edited October 2007
    Come on! Messing around with the Add Printer button? Hillbilly, you know better! ;-)
  • HillbillyHillbilly Registered User
    edited October 2007
    I know...I was having a little fun with one of the guys in the shop on how to produce a crash in 3 button presses and this one did the trick! I know we've had some issues in this area, but this one was new to me.
  • cmuenchowcmuenchow Registered User, Administrator, HES Staff
    edited November 2007
    This falls under bug #10151 which covers the problem of closing the parent of a semi-modal (or modal) window using open+backspace.
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