Insering a mark.

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On the Hog 3 how would i insert a mark after cue? Since the hog 3 does
Have the option display like the hog 2.

Thanks Again .



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    We haven't implemented auto-marking functionality like the Wholehog 2 had in the Wholehog 3. This is a functionality that we plan to add, as is an enhanced "move in dark" feature that would allow cuelists and cues to mark automatically as they are played back. You can look forward to seeing these features in upcoming releases.

    Until then, you can always build your own mark cues, which many programmers prefer because it offers the most control over how marking happens.

    Let's say, for example, that you have cue 1 and cue 2, and you want to mark cue 2. Here's one way that you could go about doing it.

    First, I generally create a mark palette. I select all of my fixtures, set them at intensity 0%, and record this as intensity palette 1. I name this palette MARK.

    Now, play cue 1.
    Cue 2 Copy Enter. (copies cue 2 into the programmer)
    Intensity 1 Enter. (applies the mark palette)
    Record 1.003 Enter. (I generally record all of my mark cues as x.xx3, so that they are easily identifiable. I don't like marking within cues that are doing other things because it makes editing them more difficult.)

    At this point, you have a mark cue, but it may also be marking for fixtures that were on in cue 1, which would take those fixtures to black. Because cue 1 is currently playing, this is easy to resolve.

    Live Enter. (selects all fixtures with intensity above 0%)
    Touch. (on the main toolbar, grabs values into the programmer for all parameters)
    Record Remove 1.003 Enter. (removes all parameters for all fixtures that were already on in cue 1)

    And now your mark cue should be ready to go.

    The reason that I create my MARK palette is because now as I'm playing through my cuelist, I can easily tell in my output window the difference between a fixture that is not doing anything and available for use (0%) and a fixture that is marking for an upcoming cue (MARK) as long as Show Palettes is turned on.

    I hope this helps.
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    I'm the same way...I don't like "auto-mark" cues...I feel so much better building all of my own (again, back in the day before any of this "auto" stuff could be done). I like having the control over what I'm doing...

    And yes, I stole Tom's "MARK" intensity pallette a long time ago when one of the many "mark-cue" questions were answered.

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    I swear I told you about that when you first got your desk, but maybe I forgot, in which case I apologize...

    Hope things are well with you,

    Joshua Wood
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    Hurry up Highend and fix the insert mark or move in black function before I buy another console ,, Still don´t understand why they did´nt give this easy console this easy function in the first place,, ??????
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    Priorities my friend, Priorities.
  • ahelgorahelgor Registered User
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    Taken from news post on Hes site.:

    "We are pleased to be turning the corner and implementing more user requests and features with each release,” says Robbie Bruce, HES Director of Software Development. "Version 2.2.2 demonstrates our commitment to keep improving the Wholehog software not only in performance, but also in terms of feature set."

    High End Systems is developing a detailed Mark Cues functionality, clock and calendar triggering as well as many other user requests planned for a release later this year. Beta testing will begin soon. Additional new hardware will debut early next year in addition to more new features such as Art-Net support, keystroke macros and additional networking abilities.

    -Looks like we're gonna have a smile on our faces before christmas;) that is actually one of the first time i've seen something that resembles some kind of statement about software roadmap;) it makes a dedicated hog guy(read "hog nerd") warm at heart;)
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    Take a look at the press release issued about the latest software and the upcomming feature improvements.

    So all I can say is patience. They are working very hard to implement new features as fast as possable. However they will not sacrafice a few features for console stability which has improved greatly in the past year. Keep up the good work.
  • nibornibor Registered User, Hog Beta
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    Last weekend I was involved in a very large project at the Home Depot Center CA it was a one off the LD was from Spain a nice chap I transposed the patch
    80% of the fixtures we had to change type on because they where not avalible and I must say the H3 was spot on all his groups programming and palets over 16 universes was perfection and no crashing

    IT's getting better

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    To add to this thread, we are currently testing Mark cues here in the office and plan to start a beta test of them in about 2 weeks. They are much more than the Wholehog 2 Insert Mark! I think that you will all be very impressed and pleased... even those of you that build your own marks and think you wont use the feature... try it and I bet you will really like it.
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