mac 700 profile help

rsavtechrsavtech Registered User
I am a freelancer about to go do a show for a company that is about to buy some new mac 700 profiles. They have a hog 1000 console that they intend to use with them we are haveing trouble finding a working profile for them we can find one for the mac 700 wash and one lable mac 700 basic but they have tried it with a demo light from martin and it does not seem to work properly can anyone help is there another profile out there that they have not found or are they doing something wrong or do we have to manually write a profile pls help


  • RKHCKPRKHCKP Registered User
    edited September 2007
    the m700 has 16 bit extended mode and standard 16 bit mode. try switching the mode on the fixture to see if that helps?
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