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SteveTheDrummerSteveTheDrummer Registered User
Hi, not sure if this is even possible, but...

I work at a nightclub, so live operation / infinite possibilities is the order of the day for us... We have a hog 3 iPC, setup with a load of palletes for colours, positions, effects and intensities etc... and dimmers / chases for the various fixtures on the playbacks...

Before the hog, we had a pearl, and a feature I really miss from the pearl is being able to just tap a number, then fade to another palette over that number of seconds... useful for slow / smooth colour changes on CMY fixtures, or moving to a certain position slowly on the fly...

Is there any way of doing this on the hog? I know it's possible for timed cues etc, but that's just not the way we work...

Many Thanks....


  • leebotleebot Registered User
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    With the programmer open you will find a button marked fade changes. With the fade changes button depressed the console will use the default timing oryou can use the timing key on the front pannel to adjust fade in, fade outs and delay times for all parameters or seperated into intensity, position, color and beam. I remember mitch saying you can type the time in directly form the keypad but I cant remember the sequence off the top of my head.
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    Look at this thread:


    You should be able to use the same syntax from the command line into the programmer with Fade Changes enabled...

    IE - group 12 color 14 time 5 time 0 time 1 enter

    Should make group 12 fade to color 14 in 5 seconds with no delay using a linear fade path
  • leebotleebot Registered User
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    Looks like we might have found a bug with 2.2.1 I have been sitting in front of my H3 for the past half hour trying to get the timing to work from the keypad for fade changes. The problem is the second you hit the time key the fade starts with whatever timing you last set. As a matter of fact I cant even enter a time until a paramater has been touched. The syntax you demosrated works fine for recording cues but I cant get it to work in the progammer.
  • AndreasAndreas Registered User
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    A very delicate thread I must say. I'v also been trying to get this to work properly by just entering the keypad and I've found a way to work this but hopefully this is just a long workaround cause its a very long syntax but here it goes:

    (With fade changes enabled) Time10time5,enter, group10,positon22,enter
    or you can use palettes instead of group10 or positon22.

    I seem to be able to perform this offline with Hog3pc 2.2.1 (1775), (according to the output window...).

    Maybe this is a workaround but perhaps this is a answer to SteveTheDrummer's question?

    Reply anyone?
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