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So,I'm pretty busy on this job but I'm hoping some of you guys can help me out...
Hog3 1618, 2 samsung 17" monitors set to 1024 resolution (too much slowdown in the system in the higher resolutions, of course!)
LTC Timecode widget.
Board manufactured April 24 2003
HDD replaced with 30 gig Seagate in Jan. 2006

1. When a cuelist contains follow cues and wait times and is triggered with a cuelist macro, it just shoots to the end of the list, never runs any other cues. A .01 sec. wait time at the first cue runs it fine.

2. I know there's a bug with the timing wheel/button, I'm looking for the post but I can't find it to see if there's a workaround. Basically, I can't enter times with the button/keypad/wheel when the fixtures are in the programmer. Can someone send the link to that thread my way? Right now for multipart timing I have to record the cue and then reopen it and manually enter times because the times set via wheel are not being updated. Given the already long latency of a Hog3 with 2 monitors (4-5 seconds to update, a few seconds to open, etc.) this is yet one more delay.

3. Updating often does not update all the information in the programmer. In fact sometimes I can update the same cue twice, each time adding more info into the cue. This problem may be related to a long day of programming/needing to "garbage collect", etc.

4. With this configuration, my timecode input is stuttery, as in, it jumps around on the input, not running smoothly. (instead of seeing the numbers just zip along it jumps, a few frames forward at a time.) I think this might be related to the two monitors slowing everything down but I can't/don't want to turn off the monitors so I'm just living with it. Playback seems ok, though. I don't think sacrificing the monitors for smooth timecode is a solution.

5. When creating a new cuelist, most of the time I have to go into cuelist options 2-3 or more times to get the "enable timecode" and "source" buttons to stay selected.

5. The previously mentioned cuelist playback priority issues.

There are more, but these are all I've got at the top of my head.
I'm mostly putting these out there to see if there's any fixes/workarounds I'm missing. I'd search the forums for answers but there's not that kind of time. So there y'all are.


(I just tried to attach the showfile from the CD but I can't open it on my mac, I'll send it from a PC sometime later.)


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    Did you reboot right after doing a garbage collect? We strongly suggest that after a garbage collect that you log off and back on to your show. We are aware of problems such as the latencies you describe that can occur after a garbage collect.

    I suspect that many of your problems may be related to this as they are not common problems. Also can you please let us know a bit more about your network setup... number of DPs, switch, etc.

    The problem with Macs not able to read CDs burned on the desk is known and logged. We will gladly look at your show file when you get a chance to send it. You can send it via http://upload.highend.com

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    Ok, so, finally, finally, I've figured out the timecode bug. The setup is this, timecode coming in from a playback track on Logic Express outputting from a macbook into a Saffire audio device (sketchy on the details of this piece of equipment) and then to a regular piece of audio cable to the widget. Timecode comes in a little jerky, i.e. the numbers don't just run smoothly along. (It does, however run smoothly along when it's plugged into HogPC. BTW, my desk is setup with nothing special, no switch, no router, just one DP and the LTC Widget, and two monitors.) Not sure what's up with that but I'll be able to test that monday. Ok, so the board is set to regenerate for 30 frames. Timecode runs, the cues run great. Except, when timecode is stopped and then started, the cuelist shoots to the end, obviously some timecode is popping up in there way past the last timecode cue. (For our purposes, that's say 2 hours and a couple of minutes.) I start and stopped the playback in rapid succession and aha!, there it was, timecode on the "current timecode" section of the view timecode window has shot to like 8 hours and then immediately jumps back to the input timecode. Well, that sucks for obvious reasons because a little experimenting proves it jumps to a random time and sometimes that's, say, a strobe chase when the show is supposed to be in blackout. Ok, so that's one thing. Next, with the same settings, we shut down Show One, and open Show Two on Logic Express, press play and the playback crashes. And only after multiple restarting of the playback does it seem like things get under control.
    And sometimes not even then and there needs to be a restart of the console, and that's not really great when everyone is waiting on you and the club opens in two hours. So, unplugging timecode and closing one show's playback and then opening the other, starting it running and then plugging back into the widget is one workaround for this. The other workaround is to SET REGENERATE FRAMES TO 0! So that's the troubleshooting I've managed to figure out. Let me know if you need more information.
    As for garbage collect, that does a great job of totally freezing my console, requiring me to shut off the power switch, and then I have to usually reboot again because the processes don't all start up effectively, (playback especially). I haven't gone in to check to see if selecting my cuelist options works better after that rigmarole, I'll see how it goes Monday.

    And for the physical engineers, add a broken usb port to my woes. The little black plastic piece inside the port snapped off. I've never, ever had this happen with any other piece of equipment I own, that includes 4 laptops and 3 external hard drives, all very portable deviced and at least one of them used every single day, btw. Even when one laptop came back from a rental with the port so mangled as to be unusable, things were at least intact. I've read posts about this happening, and requests for ruggedizing what I always thought was sort of a sketchy consumer grade connection method, and now, with a shipping bill to Texas, and I'm sure what will be a non-consumer grade repair bill looming in my future, I've got much stronger opinions about it.
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    Check out the new release v2.2.1(1775). I think some of the things you listed have been fixed. I know the one about updating cues and values not updating has been. It seems much better.
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    As Scott says, please try the newest release software as this will fix some of the timecode problems you have reported.

    Regarding the Garbage collect, as I stated previously please do not do this action without logging off right after.

    Also when changing show files, it is a good idea to soft or hard reset your DPs. A soft reset can be done from the desk or the front panel of the DP and a hard reset is basically cycling the power of the DP. Changing a show file without a reset can result in playback problems such as you describe. This is why a reset is suggested. Generally show files are not changed mid-show, but it sounds like you are in a club situation and might be changing show files more often. In this case, you can use a startup macro in your show files to reset the DPs when the show is loaded.

    I am sorry to hear of the difficulties you are having. I am going to email you today to further discuss the frustrations you have had and to see how HES can help you to have a better experience.

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    Scott, Brad, thanks for the heads up on the new build. Brad, just a clarification, Show One and Show Two that I mention in my post only refer to how we organized playback through Logic Express. Perhaps I should have referred them as Act One, etc. but the issue definitely comes from closing one timecode source file and opening another one and resuming playback. Also, I had this same reaction from the program on HogPC and Hog3.
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