2 questions jands hog 500

AetherAether Registered User
so I have the older jands 500 with the most updated software it will accept

my questions are
1. is it possible to put and attribute such as a gobo spin on a fader so that as I fade it up it spins faster

2. same question but with shapes,,,as I lift the fader the shape gets bigger/faster

IVe been using a avo pearl mostly until now,,so I want something that will work similar to "mode 2" if that helps



  • Marty PostmaMarty Postma Registered User
    edited June 2007
    I think you will find "Crossfade IFCB" under cuelist options to be most helpful in both of these.

    ie. - record a cue with Maximum gobo spin speed. Then set that cuelist option to "Crossfade IFCB"

    On Hog-2 software there isn't a good way to separate the size from the speed of an effect. However if you record the effect you want and make it "Crossfade IFCB" you will be able to control the effect similar to a submaster.

    Keep in mind that b/c you're working in LTP, any cues that use these paramters will be stomped. So if you want cues to restore to the way they were before you activated an "IFCB" cuelist will need to have "Persist on Override" selected from cuelist options for the ones you don't want to get stomped.

    Hope this helps:)
  • AetherAether Registered User
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    so on my board it doesnt say "crossfade" it just says icfb fader

    when I set the gobo control to rotate and the speed all the way up and then set that to icfb it just goes to full as soon as I lift the fader

    maybe I need to have 2 channels for this,,,one for just the control channel and one for just speed,,set the speed to icfb

    any other ideas
  • teericksonteerickson Registered User, HES Alumni
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    Were you able to get this working?

    If not...
    What version of software are you running on the console?
    What fixtures are you working with?

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