Pan not recalling preset position accurately

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Moving on with one other small issue.
Have a DL-2 unit not recalling it's pan position accurately. it's not off by much and actually seems to about the same amount everytime.
Cleaned the encoders with a little isopropal alcohol without any change.
Any input or instruction to point us in the right direction in regards to documentation for a fix/adjustment would be appreciated. Checked control and our input DMX values are accurate.
Thanks Again!!!


  • Zach PeletzZach Peletz Registered User, HES Alumni
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    First I would recommend calibrating your pan/tilt. This can be found in the menu under test and then select calibrate. Also, depending on the age of your unit you may need to re-tension your pan belt. This can be done by loosing the motor plate screws just enough so that the spring takes up the tension, then simply tighten the screws back down. Feel free to contact us if this does not fix the problem.
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    Is this on Pan or Tilt? or both?

    One thing to try if you haven't already is calibrating the motors. Under the "TEST" tab in the menu is an option to do this, but make sure before you do that the unit is on a solid surface. It's best to do it on the ground, but it can be done while hanging on a truss as long as that truss is VERY still.

    Also, if it is pan, you might have a pan belt loosening up on you. Remove the two covers on the fixture's top box to get to the motor plate holding the two pan motors. Loosen the 4 bolts holding the plate down (don't completely remove them, just loosen them so the plate will move). Allow the spring attached to the plate to re-tention the belt, then tighten the bolts back good and snug.

    Give those a try and see if it is still having problems. I'll be happy to help further if you still have problems.

    Hope this helps! :headbang:
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    Damn Zach, beat me to it :rolleyes:
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    Just one more note:

    If you end up re-tentioning the pan belt, make sure you recalibrate the motors after doing this for full effectiveness.
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    This may seem like an obvious question, but do you have the new-style encoder assembly dust caps installed on your fixture as well?;)

    Here's the tech note:
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    Update to my original post above:
    After spending about 2 hours with the operator and the units in the shop (thinking it was operator error of course) troubleshooting the problem I have found an interesting problem on our units.
    It appears the set screw securing the Pinion assembly to the drive motor was not secure causing the motor shaft to slip inside the Pinion assembly.
    It was just tight enough to drive the belt but would slip. Upon trying to tighten the set screw it appears that is was already tight, we had to "break" the Locktite type sealant and ran the set screws in approx. a turn and a half with the tilt screws only requiring about a half turn compared to the pan screws.
    We found that the case in both the pan and tilt Pinions on all units.
    After securing these Pinion set screws we have not had any problems since and the units are working better than ever. They have not missed a preprogrammed position since.
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