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Does anyone have any tips for using the on board camera during the show? I dont want to make controling a camera take too much attention away from running the show. Do you have any tips for touring with 3 DL2's? What would you recommend keeping as spare parts? The tour will be going to some remote places that wouldn't have a computer store. Also they will be used about 50% of the time on the same generator with other movers, leds, 10 colorcommands and audio. Would you recomend a power conditioner/regulator or a UPS?

Lee Alexander


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    Yes I would definitely advise using a power conditioner or UPS when in use with a genny. There have been plenty of people that have run them fine on generators but we have had several severe failures from some type of large event happening with the generator as well. It's best not to risk it.
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    Hi Lee,

    Definitely take spare HEPA filters and lamps....if there is no provision to travel with a spare unit, then I would also take a spare Top Box card if you can as well as a spare computer.

    As for the cameras....the best way I've found to do it on the fly is add a min-wing and set up faders for positions, zooms, etc. Whatever parameters you might need to alter. You could also run virtual Scenes and/or Lists for positions, etc. Whatever works better for you.

    Hope this helps.:)
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