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I am very new to the Hog2 deck, and wanted to know if anyone knew (or can provide training) to setup a Hog2 deck with some standard lights and a few (4) mac700's. I work for a local church in Los Angeles, and we just underwent equipment upgrade. I am not too concerned with learning how to program fixtures as I am just connecting everything together and getting someone to program what lights we have, and provide some assistance. Can anyone provide a resource (besides the manuals, I have yet to figure out where the DMX lead and the rest of the lights connect to "talk" to each other).

If you are intrested, please contact me and we'll discuss rates etc...or if you know any place that offers this type of service, let me know.

Thank you-


  • teericksonteerickson Registered User, HES Alumni
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    You may get responses here from people in your area who are able to help you.

    I would definitely suggest starting with the Wholehog 2 user manual. The manual should at least be able to help you get started with patching the fixtures and setting parameters.

    If you are interested in formal training from a High End Systems trainer, you can contact us by phone at (800) 890-8989 to discuss your needs.

    Feel free to post any specific questions here if you attempt to get things working yourself and run into trouble.

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