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I can't find other thread on that point, could it be possible that when you change time in a palette that's thats change time in cues using this palette.

Of course we could enable or disable this option.



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    Timing Palettes
    Very logical to consider here....
    On a big show, like most people I would assume, I sit at home and build my ref palettes. I also build fx, intensity, and timing palettes.
    The thing is that when I get to a show, I don't necessarily want color121 in my timing palette that has an offset of .1 on the delay and an offset of .2 on the fade. I just want the color times and the prerogative to pick the color I want. The same holds true with beam FX. Of course with beams it gets even more complex because sometimes I want zoom only timing or iris only timing and then there's media servers...
    It would be very very nice if we had a palette window for specifically timing.
    Furthermore, using my analogy of .1 sec delay fan and .2 sec fade fan, it would be cool if I could create timing palettes where the time was fixture global so that per se I create a position cuelist and touch my timing fan 1 and timing is assigned for position even though every parameter in the timing palette has the global offset.
    Specifically what I would be saying is a command structure with the following string:
    group1 > pos > pos2 > time > time3 > pos > record > list2 > cue4
    So that only position was recorded into the palette and only position timing was recorded.
    The reason I say position timing is because when I get into more complex cue building, I would employ a much greater string and perhaps use tools on the toolbar to pick which filter I would wish for timing a specific parameter. For example:
    group4 > int 1 > pos4 > color6 > beam1 > beam3 > time1 > toolbar press int > time3 toolbar press pos, color > time5 > toolbar press beam record list16 > cue12
    Which would select different timing palettes for different parameters where the toolbar referenced would be to filter only a specific timing attribute such as pos timing to apply.
    The final and most elaborate addition would parameter specific timing filtering on a toolbar so that as a fixture group is selected, the toolbar would be dynamic allowing for say a different timing palette to be assigned to say scale, inframe, x pos, y pos, file, and folder parameters.

    I realize the complexity of this request but I also know that the single greatest time waste I have in programming a show is in assigning timing.
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    I could not better have summarized the times options.

    System is also very ggod if we could uses times pallets in position pallets (ref pallets) we could easily change a time in a cue by changing the time ref in a pallet

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    stephlight wrote:
    I can't find other thread on that point, could it be possible that when you change time in a palette that's thats change time in cues using this palette.

    I know there is another thread out there somewhere in reference to having a separate directory for Time Palettes, but I can't seem to find it.:dunce:

    So OPEN+TIME would give you a whole directory to work from, that of course should create references to them in cues.

    But I agree that having cue timing reference palette timing could be a useful option too.
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