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I've no idea how can i do a good timing. (timecode)
usually, i was pressing GO manually.
I've heard of midi,timecode but completely no idea how to use it.
can anyone brief this one me. let me at least understand it.
I got a visualizer and hogpc with cue already build. And got loopbe installed incase i can use it to communicate with music play by the pc.

well, anyone please least let me try it on the pc first then move into hog2.

i know its not easy. gota learn


  • MitchMitch Registered User, HES Alumni
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    Hello, Timecode is usually generated from an external show control system and sent to the various devices such as a lighting console for syncronization. This is used on shows that get repeated multiple times such as at a Theme Park or Tradeshow. The Timecode will allow for more accurate and repeatable results in the show playback than an operator may be able to perform.
    Once you have the cues programmed and the console is receiving Timecode, you can select LEARN TIMING, then start the show control and Timecode. When playing the cues back in real time with the console accepting Timecode, the Timecode values will be entered in the WAIT column of the Cue in the Cuelist window.
    Now whenever the timecode source is sent to the console with the proper settings made, the cuelist will playback the cues at the correct time, every time, without having to press GO for each cue.

  • srautanesrautane Registered User, Hog Beta
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    It's been a while since I used Hog2, but was there a possibility to use internal timecode i.e. you can record a "timeline" using internal timecode (like in GMA consoles)?
  • MitchMitch Registered User, HES Alumni
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    Yes, the Hog 2 console has a Simulate Timecode mode. Using only the Simulate Timecode mode will not actually sync the cuelist to an actual music or performance piece.
    The Simulate Timecode will rely on the Hog 2 operator to start the timecode, and the chance for error is increased. If the cuelist isn't started at the precise moment, the entire cuelist will be off.
    In this case you can also use Follow times in the cuelist to play the cues in a timed order with the operator needing to start the cuelist.

  • srautanesrautane Registered User, Hog Beta
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    Correct if I'm wrong, but I think If you want to make long timed cuelist it could be easier with even internal timecode than using wait times. By using wait times every time you modify one you have to adjust the others also to keep things in sync...
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    You are correct. Sometimes the best thing is to use a combination of Timcode and wait times, which works well on the hog II, not so well on the hog III.
    Also, on the Hog II, if you don't have a timecode source but do have the ability to receive MIDI strings, you can setup a macro that starts your internal timecode. The macro is triggered by the MIDI input, in one of the various possible forms. There are also ways of doing the same thing using DMX input to the console. we have used a special version of this product to convert a contact closure to an input the hog can understand. Contact them if you want more info on how this works. The possibilities really are almost endless :=)

  • srautanesrautane Registered User, Hog Beta
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    Thanks Paul, nice tip!

    Btw, does anyone here know were to get CD time-> timecode converter. We have one in our school, which is handmade in Germany by company, which I guess doesn't exist anymore. It has coaxial/optical input.
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    RE: CD time-> timecode converter.
    Are you trying to create timecode from a CD or read timecode recorded on a CD? The internal CD drive on the WH3 of course will output/generate timecode but it will be relative to that particular CD's start point/playing time not necessarily in synch with a recorded timecode. I was talking to one of the HES guys (sorry, his name escapes me) at LDI last weekend about timecode from CD. As the HogIII doesn't actually read a timecode stripe recorded on CD (i.e. "listen" to the recorded TC) he said a possibility is to create cable for a mini phono jack to XLR and swing it around into a LTC widget or IOP from the headphone jack on the WH3. Thus, you use the internal CD drive to output a timecode signal that has been recorded on a CD. (I haven't done this yet but I intend to.) I don't know if that's what you have in mind but it's an idea. In case you're wondering why you're looping a wire around the front of your console to a widget hooked up in the back, I was told it's because the console family was designed as a network and the idea of playing a CD internally for recorded timecode was seen as less likely than inputting the timecode into one of the network devices (LTC, IOP, etc.) and thus onto the network.
    Hope this helps.
    (also, re: MIDI triggers, this thread might help, thanks to J. Crimins)
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