Time code toolbar window.

BillyOBillyO Registered User
How do I turn it off?
It came up after I set up a backup console using midi.


  • GOGOGOGO Registered User
    edited October 2006
    hi bill,

    just pick the window with the mouse and move it to the screen center.
    as soon it becomes smaller with frame you can push the cross (x) in the


    robert gurk
  • teericksonteerickson Registered User, HES Alumni
    edited October 2006

    Robert is correct. With our currently released software (v1.3.9 b1053), you need to undock the timecode toolbar and click the X in the corner to close it. With the version of Hog 3PC that we plan to release this week, the View Timecode button in the cuelist window can be used to both open and close the timecode toolbar. I don't believe that this change has been ported to the console yet, but we have an open defect (#8133) for this problem and since the fix has been made on the Hog 3PC platform we should be able to get it fixed on the console without too much trouble.

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