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I have a page with my generic washes such as house and stage wash colors that are set to HTP.

I have my pages set to leave in background, that way if I bring House up, then go to another page and launch some playbacks, the house stays up in the background, then when I move back to the wash page, I just move the fader up to the level, lock it in, and then adjust it from there.
This part works great.

Now here is the problem:
If I am on another page, and bring a playback up, then change pages back to my wash page where the HTP washes are, if a fader is up, it automatically brings that HTP wash to 100%.

This is not good!

I should be able to pull the fader back down to 0%, lock it in, and adjust it from there.

I have washes just popping up on stage when I change pages!

Am I missing something here?


I tried checking the remember fader values box, that seems to fix the problem..

I was just confused because it already remembered fader values if I left a fader up and changed a page, just not when they were at 0.


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    You can use the Virtual Cues

    Open the Cuelist Directory, disable the lock button and "wash" the two hog touchscreens with the cuelist directory and you have 175 cuelists in front of you and it's look like lines (first line is cuelist 1>25 and under that you have the second line with cuelist 26>50 and then 51>75 etc...)

    After that, record the second line with "RELEASE" buttons:
    press record and touch the cuelist button, you get an cuelist with cue 1 empty, set this cue macro to RL (Release Cuelist) and enter the cuelist number that above the "Release button" (the corent cuelist) for example: in line one cuelist #1 and line 2 cuelist #26 so cuelist #26 is the release button of cuelist #1 because cuelist #26 is under cuelist #1 and the macro of cue 1 in cuelist #26 will be RL1.

    *to any "Release" button you must add a second macro command that say RL#(the number of the release button) so the release will be a momentry press and don't stay active. the command for release button #26 will be RL1:RL26 .

    This way you can put the House on the Cuelist and leave them on by clicking them kill them but clicking the release cue that u assign to the House cuelist
    hope it helps
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