pop up faders on effects and virtual masters...

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Hi there

The way I have my hog programmed, I tend to use effects for my movements - I would absolutely love to have control over basic size / speed parameters with one touch on the screen, ie - if I push once and release straight away, will start the effect with the size & speed stored on the pallette. If I hold it in for a second, pop up a small fader on top of the pallete with which I can scale the size / speed params... Would also be nice if you could push and hold on a currently running FX pallette and the fader pops up straight away...

Would be really useful if I have colour FX running as well as movements and want to change the way they behave independently, quickly...

Very much a feature more for those of us who use the hog for busking live... I know you *can* set movements on faders and scale the speed avo style, but when I only have 10 masters, and another 10 for catalyst on my wing, and quite a few groups of fixtures to control - I want to use them all for dimmers and chases...

Would also be really useful for virtual masters - in a similar fashion whereby the fader pops up when I push on a List in the List Directory.

Would anyone else find this useful?



  • jxgriffijxgriffi Registered User, DL Beta, Hog Beta
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    What about triggering a macro in the list that would change the page to the faders controlling the virtual masters. A second push would put you back on your "live" page.

    Just an idea....
  • SteveTheDrummerSteveTheDrummer Registered User
    edited May 2010
    Interesting - Do you mean you can set the actual faders to control the intensity or crossfade of virtual masters? or is there a way of getting virtual faders on screen? I've not managed this yet... I'm using an ipc btw on OS 3.1.5.

  • jxgriffijxgriffi Registered User, DL Beta, Hog Beta
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    Not really...what I meant to say is that you have a separate page of faders that you actually have your lists attached to, separate from the "show" pages.

    When running your show from your show pages and you have the "virtual masters up on the screen" and you have a list that you want to control via fader (but no room on the 10 that are there), put a comment macro to change the page of the faders when you press the virtual cuelist. Then, somewhere on the "busk" screen of virtual faders, you have lists that will return to the show pages as needed.

    Example....you have a page of 10 faders for "busking" virtual faders. Call it Page 12

    Show pages are page 1 thru 3

    Console is on page 3 running show, virtual lists are up on the screens.
    Click a virtual list (and the first cue of that list has a comment macro of CP12)
    Do your adjustments as needed
    On the busk page you have 3 buttons marked PAGE 1, PAGE 2, PAGE 3 that are lists that just fire virtual masters with a comment macro (no actual list information).
    Once your adjustments are done, hit the correct page and back you go.

    It's just something I thought of to get you in and out of pages quickly without having to do a lot of typing, etc. on the command line.

    Comment macros can be powerful, especially when used on "blank" cuelists just to get around the console as needed quickly if you already have the list page open for virtual use.
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