Remote DMX playback

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I have a client (artist) who wants to playback 10 or 12 specific cues from an on-stage position. What is the most cost effective way of achieving this with an IPC in hog 3 mode.:confused:


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    There are lots of ways to achieve this...just depends on how creative you want to get.

    It can be as simple as something like a Fleenor Preset-10 inline (as long as it's only 1 universe).

    You could use a couple of the Midi-Solutions F8 units wired to foot switches that would then send a Midi Signal to the console, triggering the specific cue lists that you want.

    You could use an Touchscreen that connects to Hog3PC which is networked into the iPC show server to trigger cues.

    You could use Interactive Technologies Cueserver with GPIO and trigger cuelists on the iPC.

    A little more information and there might be a better solution to dial in, but those are my ideas off the top of my head.

  • SurgerrySurgerry Registered User
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    nice one
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