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I'm wondering if anyone knows anything about ID addressing LED fixtures. I have a Hog 1000 and a bunch of Colorado3 fixtures. The Colorado3 can have a dmx address as well as an ID (1-66) for each address (example - i can have 66 fixtures addressed at dmx channel 100 but still control them independently by selecting their ID on the console).

My question is, first of all does anyone actually use this? and more importantly (since i cant get to the console now) can I make groups with with these IDs? - meaning: can I select dmx address 100 ID 5, and dmx address 150 ID 1 and make them a group?


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    That's just not how DMX works. If you have 66 fixtures all addressed to slot (aka Channel) 100, they all 66 fixtures will do the exact same thing. If you set them to red, they will all be red. You won't be able to control them individually.
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    The ID function is something unique to the LED fixture and possibly their power supply (I am not familiar with these fixtures). The console only uses the DMX address to talk to the fixture and the ID has nothing to do with the Hog 1000 console.
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    I just tried it with the console, and I couldn't get it to work. the "ID" parameter is there but does some wacky stuff with the light.

    maybe it's a function for their own controllers.
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