Bad Profile?? / Why can't I release a value?

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Okay banging my head against the wall…. I have elation proton colors that I am using. My cue 5 has the color wheel rotates at “65 RPM” (which I know the profile is wrong as the wheel rotates about 3 RPM ...54 on DMX output), when I go to cue 6, I want the color wheel “open” DMX value of 0, instantly…, so what happens is from the previous cue I am still getting a tracked value of 54 carrying over. I have tried to create a blocking cue on Cue 5, but no luck. I have tried to create hard values in cue 6, default it to “OPEN” DMX value turns to 0 after update... But when I run cue 5 again everything runs fine. But the when I run cue 6 II still get 54 in DMX value. It’s like it’s been turned on, but no way of turning off……HELP!:aargh4:


  • MisebeamMisebeam Registered User
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    I think the profile for "Elation Proton Color “is wrong, I cannot release the “spin speed” if I want an open color. I think that the speed of the color rotation should be on its own channel like “color time”, so that when the values change, it is adjust the 2 DMX channels separately. Also it says it is doing 65 RPM when I change my color scroller speed, but it is really doing maybe 1 RPM....... HELP on "ELATION PROTON COLOR PROFILE"!!!:eek:
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