Widget output Mapping

twveachtwveach Registered User
I have 1 dimmer patched and the DP 8000 is running and found, but im using a DMX widget so how do i tell the program that im using a widget as the output?

already tried setup-network- dmx1-settings

when i get to the universe 1 drop down menue my only choice is "none"


  • MitchMitch Registered User, HES Alumni
    edited April 2010
    It is possible the widget may have a problem or the drivers haven't been installed properly.
    I would recommend powering down the PC.
    Removing the widget.
    Repower the PC and start Hog 3 PC.
    After a show is open connect the widget to a different USB port than what it is currently connected to. This will hopefully cause the Hardware Wizard to open up and run. This sometimes wants to run two times, if so, let it.
    If this doesn't help you may have a widget problem.

    Another cause may be too many USB devices connected to the PC and a hub may be helpful. Using the USB ports on the rear of a Wing will work as the hub as well.
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