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I have windows 7 64 bit and i believe a hog 3 widget (on the widget is a pig with roman numeral III in the background). Hog PC downloaded fine after I instructed windows 7 to enable the "XP compatability" what that is I dont know but now the software seems to work(i can add fixtures cues basic functions no lights are hooked up). I have never seen the widget light up. when i open the widget upgrade it says "no widget found" Im assuming i need a driver for the widget it was bought used so I literally just have a widget no other accessories or parts. I read in some other posts that HOG now works with windows 7 64bit. just spent 10,000 in lights and it all comes down to this little widget. surely this isnt that hard. help? all this gear is supposed to go out and be used in 4 days.

Tim Veach


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    Hog3pc will run on 64-bit operating systems, but drivers for the USB-attached wings and widgets are only available for 32-bit OSs at this time. If you need DMX output from a 64 bit OS, you'll have to use an ethernet attached DP2000 or DP8000, or install a 32-bit version of Windows.

    When you install 3PC on a 64-bit OS, it gives you a warning telling you this.
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    So I am the other half of this box of fun. (hey Tim) after reading this and other posts the answer is to install windows xp. I have been told that there is a way to tell windows 7 to only run in 32 bit mode. If this magical button exist, will this be a way around our problem. also I am interested in networking above said computer with my laptop, can I do that with just a widget? I have an Ipc at work and was looking through the manual and I cant tell if it would work or not. I also noticed that my hardware inside the Ipc is a 4 channel super widget. but in the networking window, It recognizes it as a DP8000.
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    Moving from 64 to 32 bit versions of the OS usually requires that you re-install the OS, it's not as simple as pressing a button. You can also install both 32 and 64 bit versions in different partitions and use a boot manager to select which one to use each time you boot.
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    Yes I think a dual OS is probably the key. I just hope the touchscreen reacts the same. we will see tomorrow. nothing like buying a $1000 computer and also buying an old OS. btw. I was looking on some windows 7 forums and found out that x7 pro has an optional free download for an xp mode... ours is home premium. figures. anyway. any thoughts on the networking and IPC recognizing "dp8000" when really is an internal super widget?
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    any thoughts on the networking and IPC recognizing "dp8000" when really is an internal super widget?

    all pc-based (ipc, roadhog, fullboar, hog pc) systems use an internal virtual DP
    before V3.0 it was an virtual DP2000
    now it is an virtual DP8000

    and the widgets, also the internal superwidget, are connected to these virtual dp

    if you open setup -> network
    you will see the DP8000 #1
    choose settings for this, then widget outputs, and there you will find the internal superwidget
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