RoadHog and RHFB Wing Trouble

MarkScottMarkScott Registered User

Today I was trying to use a RoadHog(v3.1.5) with a RHFB wing (with the touch screen). it was connected with the recommended IO gear dongle. I could not get an image up on the screen. I discovered that the touch screen was working because I could cycle windows on to it and blindly select stuff. Where is the image???? Could not find brightness or contrast controls...... Any sage words of wisdom.... (and advice on how to fix this problem?




  • van Leestvan Leest Registered User
    edited April 2010
    In the past I had also some problems with the roadhog wing.
    Now I am using a powered usb hub and all the problems seems to be solved....
  • MayliMayli Registered User, DL Beta
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    The controls for the screen (4 small white buttons) are on top of the wing, next to the desk lamp.
    The first button is Auto Set.
    Set the resolution in the menu to 800x600, press Apply.
    Then press the first button of the screen controls on the wing (Auto Set).
    Then open the Programmer and press the Move Button once or twice in the upper toolbar on the right screen of the Console.
    The Programmer Window should then appear on the screen of the wing.

    Hope this helps

    Greets Mayli
  • James DikeJames Dike Registered User
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    I am having the same sort of problems.
    RHFB wing was working after the shop looked at it and then another operator was in for the weekend and it no longer works.
    Touch screen works, no display, not even the monitor adjust menu. But a welcome logo on power up.
    Tried powered hub, different show files, powering IO gear adapter, different USB Cables, both USB ports.

    Nothing, just the back light glow.

    Also the desk does not remember the settings that include the external monitor and it has to be set every time.

    Any suggestions I haven't tried?

  • bradpepebradpepe Registered User, HES Alumni
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    Please contact our support department directly at 800-890-8989 or [email][/email]

  • James DikeJames Dike Registered User
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    Well after trial and error and talking to Brad, there is a work around if you do not enable the monitor before you load your show
    Enable the monitor at 60Hz, it will not show up yet.

    Unplug and replug your USB cable to the video adapter, eventually on a multiple try Windows will recognise the adapter and load the drivers so that the monitor will work.
    Now you can calibrate your touch screens again.

    James Dike
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