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Hi, I am trying to troubleshoot profile things and I am trying to use the DMX output window to show the true dmx values being output, this works fine on my board, but on the Hog3PC when I go into the dmx output window it is just blank??

I really need to use this somehow,


  • rocitoprocitop Registered User
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    Is the PC outputting DMX? I had the same issue and was told that if it is not actively outputting DMX you will not see anything.
  • extestextest Registered User
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    I figured it was something like that, I am not outputting DMX, I use a RoadHog, but I am off site and trying to troubleshoot the profiles that I need corrected.

    Is there any way to do this without actually outputting dmx? I won't be on site for another week and I need to use this.

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    Try connecting to a visualizer, that will generate the DMX values you need.

    You should be able to use one of the visualizer demos if you don't have full viz. available.
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    Quick question...

    If the DMX hardware fails does the DMX window still track ? ie does it show no output or just freeze?
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