Axon Mask 5:1 Collage

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We have a 5 wide by 1 tall collage and are having difficulty getting a mask to match up. Our set piece is almost 80ft wide and curved in x, y & z axis. We have tried breaking the mask up into multiple files and applied to different layers but not quite working.

Based on the attached photo, can someone give us some direction or ideas to try?



  • cormacjackcormacjack Registered User, DL Beta
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    Hi Dustin,
    Can you provide more info please.
    Are you using projectors with 5 x axon servers or another set-up.
    From the picture are you trying to cover the centre as spiral as well as the header section.

  • dholumdholum Registered User
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    We are using 5 Christie 16k projectors shooting from the back of the room with 5 Axon servers. We are only projecting on the curved ceiling piece, the curves upstage are being light by lighting. The 5 projectors are broken up as follows, 4 left to right across the top two pieces, the 5th projector covers the piece on the right that connects down to the ground.

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    I assume the issue you are having is that the "mask" you are applying does not match the shape of the physical set piece that it is supposed to be emulating?

    The problem you are most likely running into is that the keystone correction that must be applied in order to get the collage to match up is warping the shape of the mask. You can see this same issue if you remove the mask, but play your movie on a 3d object. Because each output is going to have a different set of keystone corrections applied to it, each output will "warp" the mask a little differently.

    This could be caused by inconsistent placement of the Christie outputs on the stage. While the collage generator/keystoning is extremely flexible in allowing you to get a good alignment in a large variety of situations, it does have its limitations as you are seeing here. One thing you could try if you have the time is re-aligning the Christie projectors so that their outputs are more consistent in size/overlap before applying the keystone correction. This should make it so that the keystone corrections between units are more consistent, and should help to keep the shape of the mask as the keystone correction is applied.

    I hope this makes sense. Please let me know if you have any further questions.

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