HOG Bootup timing & Wifi Question

ChrislimChrislim Registered User
Hi to all

Sorry pls advise me
My HOG 3 took somewhere like 5-10min to bootup to the menu that ask for which file to run.
Is this normal or do I need to send it for service
Does anyone use Wifi to link HOG 3 and DP8000
I am now using CAT5 to link HOG 3 and DP8000
Can we link HOG 3 and DP 8000 using Wifi



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    The HogIII does take a while to boot, but 10 minutes is far too long. If you're set to obtain and address from a DHCP server, make sure the DHCP server is working properly.

    We do *not* recommend using wireless between the Server Console and DPs or IOPs. Wireless is fine for connecting a client console as an RFU (such as a laptop running 3PC), but for live shows a good wired connection is far more reliable.
  • ChrislimChrislim Registered User
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    Will try to give a count down on the timing to check
  • barnes2000barnes2000 Registered User, Hog Beta
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    FYI, if you want your console to be wireless, I know for a fact that you can use a WiFi gaming adapter to connect it to the network. It would be best to do this as a client, so you could use a HogPC system as the server and connect it with Cat5 to the DPs, then connect the actual console using the gaming adapter.
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